3rd Party Services

We use 3rd party analytic and advertising tools/partners which are listed in this document bellow.

Google Analytics for Firebase is a app measurement solution that provides insight on app usage and user engagement. Google Analytics for Firebase helps us understand how people use our iOS or Android app. Analytics helps us understand how our users behave, so we can make informed decisions about how to market and improve our app.

Google Analytics is a web and app analytics service. On this website, the controller has integrated the component of Google Analytics (with the anonymizer function). Web analytics is the collection, gathering, and analysis of data about the behavior of visitors to websites. Web analytics are mainly used for the optimization of a website and in order to carry out a cost-benefit analysis of Internet advertising. Users data are stored 50 months, aggregated data are stored without limit.

Link to Privacy Policy of all the Google services

Fabric is a platform that helps our mobile team build better apps, understand our users and their behavior.
Link to Privacy Policy of Fabric Analytics and General Terms

Survicate (Przyrynek 14, 00-219 Warszawa, Poland) is a survey tool for businesses that collect customer feedback. Survicate supports helps us to collet feedback of customer experience, marketing or product experience feedback. - Link to Privacy Policy

AppsFlyer provides attribution and marketing analytics services that enable advertisers and developers to: (i) measure and analyze the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by understanding which marketing campaigns contributed to the download/installation of their mobile applications or such other conversion metric (e.g. relaunch of Application); and (ii) measure and analyze certain events and actions within their Application or websites, such as in-app purchases made by End Users. - Link to Privacy Policy

Advertising partners

Last updated: 10. 5. 2023