Livesport Logo Usage Guideline

Recommendation on How to Correctly Use the Company Logo

Basic Logo

This is the basic logo designed for the light background. We use it whenever it's possible.

Other Variants of the Logo

These variants are designed for the dark background, or for the monochrome printing. We use them if the basic logo can't be used.


Pantone: Cool Gray 11C
CMYK: 0/0/0/80
RGB: 88/88/88
HTML: #585858
Pantone: 2035C
CMYK: 0/100/100/0
RGB: 226/0/26
HTML: #E2001A

Safety Area

The minimum safety area is defined as 1x (please see the picture below).
The 1x dimension is defined by the font height.


The Symbol

The symbol can be used separately, but it should always be displayed exclusively with other brand elements.
Please see the picture below to see how to center the symbol.


Forbidden Usage

Don't use our logo without the symbol.

Don't change the symbol position.

Don't change the logo colours.

Don't modify, distort, or rotate the logo.

Don't use aggressive shading or gradients.

A good example of how to use the shades while keeping the logo well readable.

Download logo

Do you have any questions regarding the usage of our logo? Please contact us!