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Our mission is to provide sports lovers with all the important moments from more than 30 sports in the shortest time possible. We are proud to stay independent. No investors, no outsourcing. All the real-time data is gathered, analyzed and spread by ourselves with help from our people and advanced technologies. This makes us a true leader in the live sports media field.

Our Projects


In sport, every moment matters

The FlashScore web network is the world's leader in providing the live scoring media, delivering instant updates from over 30 major sports.

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It's not only about soccer. It's about the whole sports world.

We took over and developed this great project which already had a long and established history and large fan base. Now SoccerStand comes under the Diretta.it websites.

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Sports scores tailored for North America

Scoreboard specialises in sport scores for North American sport lovers. The users can choose from more than 30 languages.

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Fortune favours the informed ones.

Our 24 hours coverage offers our users complete sports information about any given sport to everybody who likes to bet – whether it be soccer, hockey, tennis or horse racing.

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All bets and odds in one place.

OddsPortal offers sport tipsters detailed odds comparison from over 80 different bookmakers using many smart on-line betting tools.

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Our capabilities

Real-time data. From the field straight to you.

Data gathering and analyzing

We gather, sort and verify real-time data from over 30 sports by ourselves in our data center. Every month we process more than 25,000 sport events.

Technological background

Our technical support team take care of more than 300 servers which process up to 250,000 user requests per second.

Design and development

We have several specialised teams of our people who take care of the concepts, development and maintenance of our websites and mobile applications.

Our beliefs

Even the blink of an eye is too long for us.

We do everything to get the important sports moments to the fans in the shortest time possible. That's why we meticulously choose only the best and enthusiastic people and use the newest technologies.

Our beliefs

We do not suppose. We know.

In all circumstances we strive for maximum accuracy and dedicate ourselves to every detail. And that's why we process and verify all the real-time sports information in our data center.

Our beliefs

Perfection cannot be improved. That's why our work never ends.

We are an independent Czech company with no investors. We have 100% control over everything we do, and thus we are able to react flexibly and rapidly to our users' needs and constantly improve what we've already created.

Our beliefs

The world is complex. We make it simpler.

We believe that making things simple is an art form. And so we deliver the most important sporting facts to our users without any unnecessary frills.

Our beliefs

We play fair. In all circumstances.

We treat others the way we would like to be treated. Everyone can 100% rely on our word.

Our culture

This is our universe


Ready, steady, go!

We look for sports enthusiasts with a sense of fair-play. Participate with us on long term projects appreciated by sports fans from all over the world!

With us you'll grow. Both your career – and as a person.

Anyone with good ideas is welcome. We work in small teams, we respect individual talent and we inspire each other to perform to our best.

Your work will be seen. Worldwide.

We love what we do. And we know why we do it – we want to deliver the best sporting moments to millions of fans all around the world and in the shortest time possible. We only work on our own projects, where everyone's work is seen.

A relaxed mind can work miracles. Even on Monday morning.

We arrange the best working conditions for all. We support independence and responsibility, we relax in chill-out rooms and we hold meetings only when really necessary.

We work hard. And we enjoy ourselves hard, too.

After hard work comes the time for fun. But don't be afraid, we don't hold typical teambuilding events. We don't make fun an obligation – but it can be expected!

We are constantly looking for candidates for technical support, web and mobile development and design positions. Don't hesitate to let us know about yourself!

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